Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between IPTN North America with PT. Mats Internasional Indonesia (MII)

    "JAKARTA (November 3, 2016) - Today, IPTN North America and PT Mats Internasional Indonesia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) in Indo Defense Exhibition at JIEXPO - Kemayoran. The signing of this MoU was represented by Mr. Gautama Indra Djaja as Head of IPTN North America and Mr. Sriyono B. Soebianto as the CEO of PT. Mats Internasional Indonesia. Later, as a follow up of this MoU, IPTN North America with PT. MII in the future will conduct further comprehensive cooperation regarding of market IPTN North America product in Indonesia.

    With the approval of this MoU, IPTN North America and PT. MII are optimistic that this cooperation can create a mutual understanding and long term relationship.

    About MII:

    MII (MATS INTERNASIONAL INDONESIA) establish since 1990. Over years, we built and expanded our worldwide networks through strategic partnership with dedicated global and domestic partners, which allows us to reach virtually every corner of the Earth to serve our customers. Today, MII is well acknowledged as one of the key player in nationwide logistics industry, which leads in providing excellent solutions for the customers.