• Leading For Solution And Deliver Excellence

    Entering 2008, we introduced our new motto: Leading in solutions and delivering excellent value. We choose these words as they perfectly represent the core of who we are, that we will always position ourselves in leading the logistics industry to find and introduce new ways to deliver excellent value to our customers.

    In today's complex global business climate, providing good service is not enough anymore. Competency in finding new solutions that will create excellent value to the customer is a must as a competitive advantage in the logistics industry.

    At MII, our approaches in providing excellent value to the customer centers on cost effectiveness, improving business processes, introducing new approaches to doing things, and leveraging our global and regional network through IT.

    In every aspect of our business process, we perform with commitment to this motto. You can count on always getting the best from us for any logistics task you need at an excellent value. That is our commitment.