• MATS INTERNASIONAL INDONESIA, an expert in Aerospace Industry

    MATS INTERNASIONAL INDONESIA is one of the key logistics players in the aerospace industry both for nationwide and global-wide. Through years of experience in handling PT. Dirgantara Indonesia's (DI) global sourcing shipment, plus many other MRO companies and airline companies such as Merpati Airline, Batavia Air, Lion Air, etc, MII gained an in-depth knowledge, know-how, experience and expertise in handling and managing aerospace companies global shipment.

    Our experience for the past 4 years in the row in handling DI's global sourcing that spreads in more than 20 countries across the globe, consist of more than 8000 items or raw materials and spare part ranging from just one kg up to tons of weight, has given us a unique experience and expertise to manage such complicate and holistic global supply chain management.

    Lead-time guarantee and cost reduction program is the key performance indicator to measure a logistics provider in this industry. Among the earlier said competency, having an extensive and efficient global network around the globe are another key factors that has enable us to be one of the key logistics provider in aerospace industry for the past 5 years.

    For more information pertaining aerospace logistics solution, please refer to our "aerospace industry solution" link in our website: www.mii.id