Our Services Industry
We deliver end to end supply chain solutions for major industries and committed to provide comprehensive logistics services to the industrial companies

Our experiences to handle global shipments by door-to-door from major aerospace manufacturers has enabled us to gain a very critical knowledge and learning how to manage super-time-sensitive shipment for the aerospace industry including the AOG service that requires a guaranteed 24 hours delivery from anywhere in the world. The expertise in managing a precise and guaranteed lead-time, plus an integrated system that enables customers to manage their in-transit inventory efficiently and on real time, are the key success factors for this industry.
Goverment & Military
Dealing with government and military industry anywhere in the world usually requires expertise on dealing productively with the bureaucracies, which includes lobbying expertise. Those great experiences have given us a unique competency with such circumstances. Our products meet or exceed all Government and Military standards, and feature the highest standards of excellence.
Food & Beverage
For many years, our dedicated staffers also had experience in handling food & beverage industry shipments, including refrigerated shipments. Consolidation of existing routes into a single multi-temperature delivery to improve service, reduce costs and improve supplier performance.
Serving the apparel & footwear industry is another of our expertises over the years. We offer a door-to-door service for some retail companies including domestic distribution to their stories in major cities in Indonesia right from their overseas warehouses.
Natural Resources & Energy
Dealing with natural resources, mining and energy customers requires a unique competency and capacity as these customers are normally in remote areas. These customers require a comprehensive network both for global sourcing and domestic distribution for shipments to their sites in the remote areas. For Energy industry we provide our customers to manage logistics strategy across site areas, including order management, transportation, distribution and supply chain.
Health Care & Medical Supply
We are providing integrated logistics services for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. We work with some of the worlds leading companies, and with other clients in related industries like medical equipment, personal care, and infant formula categories.